what to expect from reiki training

What to expect from Reiki training


Reiki is the name given to a system of natural healing which evolved in Japan from the experience and dedication of Dr.Mikao Usui (d.1926). Reiki is taught today by Reiki Masters (teachers) who have trained in the tradition passed down from Master to student. Reiki flows to the areas of need within us all, supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Anyone can attend a Reiki I workshop. No previous knowledge or experience is needed, simply the desire to use Reiki for your own healing and for the well-being of others.

Reiki is taught at four different levels:

  1. Reiki I
  2. Reiki II
  3. Advanced Reiki (Master Practitioner)
  4. Master/Teacher Practitioner


At level one, also known as First Degree Reiki, students are introduced to the lineage, history of Reiki, and how it can be used for self treatment, as well as treatments for family, friends and pets. Participants will gain an understanding of how to connect with, and use the flow of this wonderful natural healing. Byosen Scanning (a Japanese Reiki Technique) is used, to encourage you to work intuitively with Reiki.

The foundation to this training, which is normally done over two days, is the Attunement process. This opens the students to a higher vibration, allowing them to experience the flow of Reiki and assists them in their healing sessions. Students also receive training in working with the Chakra system; to give them a deeper understanding of the effects of Reiki on an energetic level. A simple Chakra meditation is done with Reiki for self healing, very relaxing and calming! This workshop also serves as the essential first stage needed before moving on to Reiki II. (Second Degree Reiki).

The Reiki I Class Includes:

  • A comprehensive manual, including all hand positions for treatments
  • A First Degree Reiki Certificate
  • A recorded meditation to help you connect with Reiki
  • On-going support via Reiki share groups
  • Copy of Reiki Lineage
  • All courses are accredited with the I.P.T.I (Independent Professional Therapists International)

The Reiki Attunement is a very relaxing and enjoyable process, the highlight of the weekend! The student sits with eyes closed; listening to relaxing music and the Reiki Master performs the attunement. This is a process by which the Reiki Master passes on the ability to channel Reiki. This is done by the Reiki Master using the sacred Reiki symbols in and around the aura of the student, clearing any blocked energy and connecting the student to the higher vibration of Reiki energy. It lasts approx 10 minutes for each student. Afterwards the student feels very relaxed and calm, some report wonderful visions with a strong sense of peace and contentment. It is a powerful spiritual experience and the effects of the attunement will be with you for life, regardless of how often you use Reiki. The student is now attuned to Reiki at the chosen level.


The level two class, also known at Second Degree Reiki, brings in the Reiki energy at a higher vibration (four times stronger than Reiki I). It is a professional qualification, allowing practitioners to work on a professional basis (upon completion of case studies). It is also for those who want to use Reiki at a higher vibration. Reiki II class enhances skills from Reiki I, introduces you to the sacred Reiki symbols and is the heart of the Usui Reiki healing system.

An attunement to Reiki II is given in exactly the same way as in Reiki I. More time is allowed as the Reiki Master brings in the symbols to the hands and aura of the student. The symbols are energy patterns, and when used with the desired intention, and within the flow of Reiki, they bring deep healing on the mental, emotional and physical levels. The majority of time is given to learning and using the symbols, they can be used for distant healing and in a variety of ways during a treatment. Other Japanese Reiki techniques are included to deepen the students understanding. Time is also given to the practical aspects, how to use client register forms, gain insurance, and to discuss the case studies needed for the qualification.

The Reiki II Class Includes:

  • A comprehensive manual (which also includes all Reiki I information and extensive knowledge on all symbols), including all hand positions for treatments
  • A Second Degree Reiki Certificate (upon completion of six case studies)
  • On-going support via Reiki share group
  • Copies of all Reiki II symbols
  • Examples of client treatment forms
  • Information about insurance and registration with appropriate organisations
  • Copy of Reiki lineage
  • All courses are accredited with the I.P.T.I (Independent Professional Therapists International)

Advanced Reiki Training (Master Practitioner)

This weekend training is for students who wish to practise Reiki at the highest level within the Usui system of healing. It will give a deeper understanding and knowledge, with an increased sense of personal and spiritual awareness.

This training attunes students to Reiki at Master level, allowing them to then work with the Master symbol. Many techniques are shown for self healing and for healing work with others. Meditations help connect to your higher self, to assist in clearing blocked energy, manifest goals, balance your chakras, and guide your spiritual self. Setting up a Crystal grid, to allow easy for continuous distant healing will also be shown on this magical weekend!
The Advanced Reiki Class Includes:

  • Advanced Reiki Training Manual
  • Advanced Reiki Practitioner Certificate
  • Reiki Master Symbol
  • On-going support via Reiki share groups
  • All courses are accredited with the I.P.T.I (Independent Professional Therapists International)

Master/Teacher Practitoner Training

This is for students who wish to attune and teach Usui Reiki to others, and is the completion of Usui Reiki training. This weekend class teaches you how to attune others to all levels of Reiki; and how to teach and prepare Reiki classes.

During the training the student receives the knowledge and ability to perform each of the attunements for all the levels, including the teacher level. All symbols needed for attunements are given, with time to discuss teaching practices, spiritual practice, and for the student to find their own natural teaching style.

Additional Japanese techniques are given to assist your own healing, and that of your clients. The students own experiences and knowledge of Reiki (from their history of each level); will be incorporated to assist them on their Reiki path.

The Class Includes:

  • Reiki MasterManual
  • Reiki Master Certificate
  • All Attunement Symbols
  • All courses are accredited with the I.P.T.I (Independent Professional Therapists International)[/shadow_box]

All Reiki Masters work and teach in a variety of ways…

What is important when beginning your own journey with Reiki is that you work with a Reiki Master who feels right for you. The most basic training should obviously include the attunement (not one done over the internet with a certificate in the post!). How Reiki Master’s and Practitioner’s choose to work is very much an individual choice, dependant on their own beliefs and what is comfortable for them. Make sure that whomever you choose to work with has the right qualifications, and you may want to look at accreditation with the appropriate Reiki associations to find someone in your area. Book a treatment with them, and discuss your training needs if you wish to do any Reiki training. Trust your instincts, follow your heart, and find the teacher who reflects your own beliefs and expectations.

Above all, embrace this wonderful energy we have been blessed with. Weave it into your life for joy and abundance for yourself, your family and your planet!

With love,



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