Reiki Training/Attunements

Reiki is passed from a reiki master to student, and this is done in training stages. Each stage is offered to increase understanding and knowledge.

Reiki Level 1

Level 1

Level one teaching enables you to give reiki to yourself, family and friends

Reiki Level 2

Level 2

Level two teaching enables you to practice reiki professionally. It’s also to enhance skills from Reiki I and work with sacred symbols

Reiki Level 3

Advanced Reiki

Advanced Reiki (Master Practitioner) teaching allows you to work at Master level with the Master Symbol

Reiki level 4

Master/Teacher Practitioner

Master/Teacher Practitioner teaching allows you to attune and teach others

Reiki training usually takes place over 2 days and it includes the necessary manual and all notes. You’ll also receive the relevant certificates and lineage.

Contact me for further information. Teaching is available on a one to one basis or in a small group, maximum 6 students per workshop.

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``Reiki can access and heal aspects of ourselves that may be unavailable to us, parts that we cannot identify - yet we notice the discomfort in our daily lives. With Reiki we allow true holistic healing to take place as it brings relief to the aspects of our lives where it is needed most.``

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Other Workshops

I run other workshops from my other site, Phoenix Rising.

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