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Reiki – A Call to Love




Reiki has been a major influence in my life, and after 12 years of working with this energy it remains the foundation to all the work I do with people. My understanding of Reiki has changed over the years, as I change and transform in my life. Given it is a living energy within, it grows as I grow in awareness.

Reiki opens your heart; it allows you to feel, to relate to yourself and others from an unconditional loving heart space. It is the essence of who you are when you trust yourself to open to love, to your life. Reiki weaves into your life and evolves as you do; it is the living life force that moves with you in every aspect of your being, of your life. To begin a journey with Reiki is to begin a journey with your inner world, to begin to explore who you are behind the personality. Reiki shows what moves in you energetically, rather than what your personality responds to.

Many Reiki students who come to a Reiki I workshop, come with insecurities and fears around not being good enough or ‘spiritual’ enough for Reiki. There are still beliefs out there that Reiki is something that is available only for the super spiritually advanced! Whatever the definition of that is, I would like to hear your thoughts on that! It can be viewed as something that has to be attained from a spiritual source, and only in deep meditation or deep spiritual practice can this be experienced. It is easy to understand why many are still apprehensive about approaching Reiki, either for a treatment or to study.

My fear is that the over use of spiritual terms within the healing arts, can be used to bypass our actual needs. This can lead us further from who we are, as we reach out to the Universe to unseen forces. We put all out hopes, trust and faith in such activity and fail to see the beauty, love, bliss and trust we seek so desperately, lives within us all. This is who we are; we are spiritual beings living a human existence. So let’s not reach out and deny who we are, deny all the incredible beauty that is available to us. Let’s accept, really take it into our awareness, and live everyday in the reality that love is a state of being; and not something to be sought out with. Paradise is within us all, it is not to be found from an external source. Stay with who you are, you are enough and perfect in every way. There is no other being out there in the heavens, in the universe, no other God or belief system that can give you what you need to be present in your life and to fully experience this amazing gift of life. It is yours, you have it all, and sometimes the biggest challenge can be to fully experience the unique being that you are.

Reiki lives within us all; it is our natural living life force. Reiki energy is our loving self; it lives behind our fears, anxieties and pain. It can be masked by the struggles and challenges we encounter in our daily lives. There is only love and fear, each day we move between these two worlds, our inner reality. When fear is present, we are disconnected from love. This love is our natural state of being. It holds all our joys, our trust in life, trust in ourselves; and our ability to give and receive love. To relate with intimacy, and be fully present in our life. This living life force that moves within us all is your birth right. Reiki energy reunites us with our authentic loving nature, it brings us back to trust, connects us with our true self, and in turn brings us back into relating with others in a more honest and compassionate way. Reiki allows you to deepen your relationship with yourself again. It brings you home.

All that is needed to understand and to be with your Reiki energy is a willingness to open your heart, allow yourself to be vulnerable as you explore your inner world, as your begin the journey back to yourself again. It begins with a need to be kind and compassionate to yourself, become your own best friend. You will find the unique and beautiful soul that you are as you navigate your exciting new adventure within. Without comparison, without the need to be anything other than you are destined to be. It can show you how to be with feeling, in whatever way that may arise in you, without judgement or the need to hide or change or to accommodate others.

In Reiki, my entire journey with Reiki, I found loving support that held space for me to explore who I am. I found a self acceptance that gave me the freedom and awareness needed, just to be me. When I finally accepted who I am, and became who I am, my inner and outer life became more beautiful and I could live in my truth, in love. Reiki, my living life force feeds my soul.

As you work with Reiki, from the beginning of your journey with Reiki I, you will begin to understand the natural ability we all have for healing on all levels. This has to begin with you. We mirror and reflect who we are in others; our pain can be seen in every person you meet. We are all equal in our suffering and in our tremendous capacity for love and healing. When we begin healing ourselves, we are more available to guide the healing process for others. There is an integration that takes place, and you witness the flow of energy that is available to all, not to a chosen few of the spiritual elite! From this place, you work with an infinite source of love, healing and wisdom.

So Reiki is yours, it is waiting; it is with you in every way. For some you may already experience this love in many ways in your life. For others, if you are in pain, if life is constantly challenging, confusing and fearful to you then it awaits your call, a call to love.

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Katrina x

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