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Training in Aberdeen

To begin a journey with Reiki is to begin a new journey with yourself.

Through Reiki you will find more of who you are. You will find you can let go of judgement (of yourself and others), let go of fear, let go of all those old negative belief systems that hold no value for you.

Through Reiki, you can find your authentic loving nature, and with this you can begin to heal old wounds, celebrate your life, you become the Master of your life. You will find yourself more allowing as you reconnect with your unique spirit. Reiki brings awareness to every aspect of you. Reiki is love in action.

Reiki will connect you with this powerful yet gentle healing system. It is available to all; you need no experience or prior knowledge. All you need is the curiosity, the desire to open yourself to healing, to explore a little more of who you are and the desire to bring positive change and healing to yourself, friends, family and your pets, on every level.

Reiki weaves into your life in many ways, it always brings a sense of calm, confidence, and the inner strength needed that opens you to new possibilities in many areas of your life. To open to Reiki is to open your heart.
Love, Kat x

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Paula Horan, Abundance through Reiki

``If Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy, and you and I are that same Universal Life Force Energy, it stands to reason that the Usui method of natural healing is an effortless process of applying to oneself or others, more of what we essentially already are``

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About Me

When you move into your soul and discover your authentic self, you claim your power. There is magic in discovering your own needs.

What is true for me

I believe our natural state of being is in loving kindness. This is at the centre of the Universal Life Force-understood as Reiki.

I believe we all possess the capacity to heal ourselves and others; when we connect to our compassionate heart. This is compassion in action.

I believe in love – always. It saved my life.

When we listen to our body, all its aches and pains, it communicates to us. It carries its own language. When we respond we heal at every level.

I know I don’t have all the answers – and I think that is the most beautiful thing.


Reiki came into my life from my training in 2003, from that time I have been working and living with its principles. Through my sessions and teachings, you can learn how to weave Reiki into your daily life. It is an opportunity for you to begin a journey with your emotional and spiritual life, or expand from the place that you are in now. Reiki will show up in exactly the place where you need it the most.

Katrina Clark - reiki treatments & training in Aberdeen

Katrina Clark RTCAP:

KARUNA® *REIKI MASTER, REGISTERED WITH ICRT (International Centre for Reiki Training).

Reiki & Infertility

I have a personal interest in working with women with infertility issues, and those who are in treatment for assisted conception.

Having my own personal experience of going through treatment, I witnessed the power of Reiki and the positive impact it had.

There is overwhelming support for Reiki with infertility and it is proven to be one of the most successful and healing complementary therapies in this area.

Reiki Share Dates

Reiki Shares gives the opportunity for those who use Reiki to get together to discuss and share. They offer ideal time to gain confidence, experience, complete case studies, ask questions, and meet with others on the Reiki path. And also for a cup of tea and a catch up!

There is no charge, simply just let me know in advance if you would like to attend as numbers are limited. 

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